How Do You Activate Your Cellphone on the Internet?


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The process for activating a cellphone over the Internet may vary between phone models and service providers, though it generally involves visiting the carrier's website and entering the device ID or SIM card number into an activation page. Customers with existing service plans and an active SIM card may not need to activate the device online in order to begin use.

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When you sign up for a new service contract with a cellular carrier and receive your phone or SIM card in the mail, you may need to complete an online activation process in order to link the device to your account and enable it for regular use. To begin, visit the website for the carrier that is issuing your plan and navigate to its Activation page. If the site does not place a link in the main page for new customers or menu options, you may need to use its search tool to locate the page.

On the activation page, follow the instructions to choose the type of device you have and enter the device ID or serial number, which typically appears on the box near the bar code. You may also need to enter the SIM card number, which should appear on the surrounding packaging with the card. Complete the process by signing into your online account with the carrier, making and plan or coverage choices and agreeing to its terms of service.

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