How Do You Activate Airvoice Wireless?


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Activate an Airvoice Wireless line online through AirvoiceWireless.com. The website leads you through a series of required steps and collects personal information before activating the phone .

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Before activating an Airvoice Wireless phone, it is necessary to agree to the service agreement. This is available to read at AirvoiceWireless.com. Choosing the plan is the next step, and options include a Pay as You Go plan, which costs $0.10 a minute, as of 2015, and plans that range from $30 to $60 per month, some of which include international calling. There is also a plan with 250 minutes of chat per month or a text-only option, which gives the customer 500 texts a month.

The next step is to choose a personal identification number, which the customer needs in order to contact customer service at a later time, and then enter an area code. This prompts the system to display the closest city to the user, and then the system asks for the SIM number of the phone. There is also a space to enter a promotion number, if applicable, before the mobile phone becomes active. If there are issues with online activation, the user can contact Airvoice Wireless by telephone.

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