How Do You Activate AirDrop?

To activate AirDrop, visit the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your compatible device. Select AirDrop and choose whether you want to share files with only your contacts or all nearby iOS compatible devices using AirDrop. After activating AirDrop, open the file you want to share, and select the Share feature.

Access photos and videos through the Photos app, phone numbers and email addresses through Contacts, e-tickets through Passbook and music through the iTunes app.

AirDrop-compatible files feature a Share button when selected. When you click Share on a desired file, a screen with small circular photos of nearby AirDrop users appears. Tap the icon of the individual or individuals with which you wish to share your file. Immediately after selecting the individual, AirDrop provides a preview of the transmitted file. Your recipient can then choose to accept or reject the transmission.

When accepted, your file automatically pops-up in the relevant application and a “Sent” message appears on your device. If the transmission is declined, you are promptly notified of the rejection.

AirDrop requires a device with an iOS 7 or later with Bluetooth, AirDrop and Wi-Fi activated. Devices compatible with Airdrop include an iPhone 5 or later, a fourth generation iPad or later, an iPad Mini or a fifth generation iPod touch. AirDrop utilizes Bluetooth to locate iOS 7 or later devices within 30 feet and then transmits pictures, videos, directions, notes, songs and more over a secure temporary Wi-Fi network.