How Do You Acquire an FM Radio Transmitter?


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FM radio transmitters can be acquired at retailers such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy, where they can be purchased in store or on the companies' websites. They can also be acquired through Amazon.com.

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FM radio transmitters help to cut down the number of cables needed when using a phone or an MP3 player in a vehicle. They receive power either through the vehicle's power jack or auxiliary port. Some transmitters plug directly into the phone or MP3's cable port, while others still require a cable in order to connect. Many of this type double as a USB charging port for the device, and some offer Bluetooth capability in order to make and receive phone calls hands-free while driving.

When using an FM radio transmitter, utilize more than one radio frequency band to decrease the probability of losing a signal. When using the transmitter to play music, set a low volume on the phone or MP3 player, and use the vehicle's volume controls while driving. Place the FM transmitter as close to the radio as possible; while this is not a problem in a vehicle, those using FM transmitters in a home or office setting should try to stay within 10 feet of the radio. Before purchasing, ensure that the FM transmitter is compatible with the phone or MP3 player with which it is paired.

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