How Do You Get the Most Accurate Results With a Grande Communications Speed Test?


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Obtain the most accurate results with a Grande Communications speed test by using the appropriate version of the tool for your Internet speed, running the test multiple times at different points throughout the day and testing with different usage conditions. It may also help to run the test through a computer with a direct connection to the modem to find the initial speed ratings.

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Grande Communications offers customer access to an Internet speed test tool powered by Ookla that checks the upstream, downstream and server response time, known as a ping. In order to conduct the test, visit the speed test page of MyGrande.net from a computer that has Internet access through the Grande Communications service line. The first test should involve a computer with a direct connection to the modem through an Ethernet cable, with as few other devices on the network as possible, to identify the baseline speed of the connection.

After recording the results of this test, connect additional devices or wireless routers to recreate your normal usage conditions, and run the test again. Repeat the process with both configurations at different points throughout the day to account for variances in speed due to high usage periods or random service interruptions. The results may decrease with connections to a wireless router or with multiple devices using the system, which helps you determine the impact of each component on the baseline speed.

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