What Is the Accuracy of Wikipedia?


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A 2005 study revealed that Wikipedia is about as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica. Another study from 2008 showed that Wikipedia has an accuracy rate of 80 percent in comparison to 95 to 96 percent from other sources.

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The 2005 study also showed that Wikipedia articles had 3.86 mistakes compared to the Encyclopedia Britannica, which had 2.92 errors per article. Overall, Britannica had 123 errors, and Wikipedia had 162 problems that included misleading information, omissions and factual inaccuracies. However, the website ranked well when compared to other established publications, such as Physician Data Query, PC Pro and Library Journal.

Critics argue that Wikipedia is problematic because anyone can edit articles, but there is a community that is comprised of administrators and editors who monitor content added to the site. There is also software that alerts readers of any changes to the articles.

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