What Are Some Accessories for the IPhone 8?

Some of the best accessories for the iPhone include the Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro speakers, the Monoprice Battery Backup portable charger, the Jorno Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard and the Klipsch R6i headphones. From audio enhancement to battery charging and productivity, these devices represent some of the most-useful accessories available for the iPhone.

Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot Pro is a rugged, portable outdoor speaker system that is water-resistant and also capable of mounting on a bike. This is an ideal device for camping or other outdoor activities, offering hours of music playback along with the ability to charge a connected iPhone.

Car chargers are a common iPhone accessory, but the Monoprice Battery Backup takes convenience a step further, offering an external battery no bigger than a lipstick tube that can fully charge an iPhone twice before needing to recharge.

Jorno’s foldable keyboard offers productivity on the go to users who need to type up important documents or emails away from the computer. The sizable keyboard folds down into a small rectangle that’s easy to fit in a purse or even a pocket. The device also comes equipped with a sturdy iPhone stand that also doubles as a carrying case.

Klipsch’s R6i earbud headphones offer some of the best sound quality available for their size and price. The headphones’ in-line remote and microphone also allows users to control playback, volume and even answer calls while listening to music.