What Are Some Accessories for an HDTV?


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An HDMI cable, satellite or cable feed and an HD-capable video game console are accessories for an HDTV. These accessories can significantly enhance the experience of watching television and viewing media on an HDTV.

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What Are Some Accessories for an HDTV?
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HDMI cables are one of the most important accessories for an HDTV. HDMI cables allow users to connect an HDTV to other devices, such as Blu-Ray players, video game consoles and computers. An HDTV can be used as an external monitor for laptops or desktop computers or to project sound in high definition through the HDTV speakers by connecting the computer to the HDTV with an HDMI cable. As of 2014, these cables can be purchased for less than $10.

The higher resolution of an HDTV can only be taken advantage of if there is available HD content. High-definition cable and satellite feeds provide exactly that. The choice between cable or satellite is dependent on a consumer's residence because some locations may only have one option. Whatever the choice, access to high-definition channels are a requirement for the feed to be displayed in HD. For cable customers, a set-top box may be necessary to receive channels in HD. The process of setting up the set-top box is as simple as connecting a cable from the box's output port to the HDTV's input port.

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