What Are Some Accessories That Come With the FitBit?

What Are Some Accessories That Come With the FitBit?

The accessories included with a Fitbit tracker are a charging cable and wireless sync dongle. Consumers can buy additional Fitbit accessories, including various colors of flex wristbands, clips, clasps and sleep bands.

The included charging cable plugs into a USB port to charge the tracker. The wireless sync dongle also plugs into a USB port to sync all Fitbit trackers to a user's online account.

There are several available wristbands to accompany the Fitbit tracker. As of 2015, the company offers 10 colors, including hues of blue, red, pink and green. Fitbit also offers three color variety packs so that a user can change the Fitbit tracker to a different color wristband to match an outfit or mood.

Fitbit also offers clips to attach the sleep tracker and the zip tracker to clothing. Flex clasps and charge clasps serve as replacement accessories for securing tracker bands. The sleep band accessories hold the One or Ultra tracker to a user's wrist in order to monitor sleep activities. There is also a belt clip available for the Ultra tracker, as well as an Ultra charging station.

Fitbit also offers the Fitbit Personal Trainer service. This provides personalized workout videos for users on via tablets, phones or desktop computers.