How Do You Access a Ubee Router?


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The gain access to the Ubee router, open the Web browser and type in the default Internet Protocol address that the Ubee router uses in the URL address field. The Ubee router uses either or as the default IP address. After typing in the address, press the Enter button on the keyboard.

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If the page does not display, it could be an indication that the Internet Service Provider has disabled the login page of the router for security reasons. Contact the ISP to resolve the issue in such a case. Also, if the router does not use the specified IP address as the default one, contact the Internet Service Provider for the details.

Once the system recognizes the IP address, the router login page appears. Click the login option on the left of the screen. The login page prompts for the username and password. Enter the username and password accurately to gain access. There are a few default username and password combinations that the Ubee router uses. Try the various combinations to gain access.

Some of the existing combinations include a username and password both as user; username as admin and password as password; username as root and password left blank without any entry; username and password both as root; username as admin and password as cableroot; and username as chtruser and password as charter.

After entering the correct username and password, the system provides access to the Ubee router. If the combinations do not work, either contact the Internet Service Provider or reset the router to the factory settings, and then try the username and password combinations.

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