How Do You Access Tutorials for Using a Scanner?


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Access tutorials for using a scanner through operating system-specific sites, such as Windows.com or Apple.com, as well as general instructional resource sites, such as Dummies.com, as of 2015. Alternately, many scanner manufacturers post tutorials and instructions for using the products on their respective websites.

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Windows.com offers several tutorials on how to scan documents using the default programs in its operating system, with more recent version of the platform taking precedent over legacy editions. The site features step-by-step guides on how to scan a file with the Windows Fax and Scan program, along with general tips on the process, such as choosing the right file type or how to preview an image before scanning it.

Apple.com offers a similar type of information oriented towards its desktop operating system Mac OS. It explains the various default programs that support scanning, such as Preview or Image Capture, as well as how to configure a scanner to communicate with the operating system. The site also explains advanced scanning actions such as choosing a custom destination for the file and how to set a different scanning resolution.

Dummies.com offers numerous tutorials on how to use a scanner with different operating systems and various first- and third-party applications. It contains a search system for finding the most relevant articles on the site, as well as a feature that suggests articles related to the current topic.

When looking for tutorials on how to use a specific scanner, visit the website of the manufacturer and locate the Support or Help section to find guides and instructions.

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