How Do You Access Satellite TV on a PC?


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To access live satellite TV from your PC, subscribe to a satellite TV provider, and use your exclusive account to access your provider's live TV website or application. You need a subscription to a satellite TV provider, any additional required viewing equipment, a desktop PC and an Internet connection.

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  1. Order satellite TV, and install the equipment you need

    Order a subscription to a satellite TV provider in your area that offers live TV services on desktops and mobile applications. Make sure the technician installs all necessary equipment.

  2. Create an exclusive account

    Use your subscription information to create an official account exclusive to subscribers only on the website of your satellite TV provider. Contact your provider's customer support if you need help.

  3. Go to your service provider's website, or launch the application

    If your satellite TV provider offers live TV service on a website, go to the website. If your provider offers live TV service through a desktop application, install the application, and launch it.

  4. Select a show to watch, and sign into your account

    Browse the list of shows currently playing on the application. Select the one you would like to watch, and click Watch. Sign into your account when prompted.

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