How Do You Access Records of Phone Calls to Your Cell Phone?

How Do You Access Records of Phone Calls to Your Cell Phone?

To access records of phone calls to your cell phone, check the phone bill received every month, or access the cell phone provider's website, register and sign-in to your online account. Alternatively, contact the service provider over phone and request your cell phone record via mail.

The phone bill sent by the cell phone provider every month should, in addition to the bill amount, contain detailed information pertaining to the calls and text and data messages sent from and received to the number for the period. The bill should also provide the charge history of the cell phone. Some cell phone providers may charge a fee for providing a detailed bill.

Normally, the detailed bill can be accessed online for free. To do this, access the website of the cell phone provider, and register to create a personal account by providing personal information including the phone number, email ID and area code.

Also, type in a user name and password. Some providers send a temporary password via a text message to the cell phone. Use these details to access the account, and click on Billing or View Full Bill to view the phone records.

When contacting a representative of the cell phone provider via phone, specify the time frame for call records. Accordingly, the provider prints the records and sends them through mail. Also, contact the provider to obtain a fresh password if you forget the login information to your online account.