How Do You Access MyPay Statements From the DFAS?

How Do You Access MyPay Statements From the DFAS?

To access your MyPay statements from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, log in to the MyPay website, and select Leave and Earning Statement from the Main Menu. This displays a graphic version of the Leave and Earning Statement. Select Tax Statement (W-2) from the Main Menu to view your W-2 Wage and Tax Statement on MyPay.

The last 12 Leave and Earning Statements are available on MyPay for active and reserve Marines and active Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Reserve Army, Navy and Air Force personnel can access their last 13 Leave and Earning Statements. Non-Appropriated Fund employees have access to the last 26 of their statements. Text and printer-friendly versions of the statements are available on MyPay.

Retirees can log into MyPay to view their monthly Retiree Account Statement. They have access to the previous 12 statements.

The W-2 Wage and Tax Statement is available for viewing, saving and printing to all active and reserve military personnel. Annuitants, civilians and Non-Appropriated Fund employees can also access their tax statements. MyPay also allows active and reserve Army soldiers to view their Student Loan Repayment Program tax statements.

The DFAS website defines MyPay as the official online account management system for military members and Department of Defense employees.