How Do You Access a Microsoft Word Manual?


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Access Microsoft Word manuals by downloading the manual on Office.com or by opening the manual that comes with the application. The exact method to access the built-in manual depends on the version of the application.

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To access the manual at Office.com, click Support on the banner at the top, and click Word from the list of applications. You can then click on a topic to expand the responding section of the manual. Some of the topics covered in the manual are creating a new document using templates, adding headers and inserting images.

Microsoft offers some sections of the manual in PDF format. To download a PDF file from Office.com, right click on the download button, and choose Save Target As from the menu. While Windows versions 8 and newer have native PDF support, Microsoft warns that those using Windows 8 or older must download a PDF reader to access the content. The company suggests Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can open the built-in manual by clicking the blue question mark icon or the Help button at the top right, depending on the exact Office version. Another method is to click File on the top left, navigating to the Help tab and clicking Getting Started or Microsoft Office Help. Alternatively, you can press the F1 key on your keyboard. Word may require Internet connection to display some of the manual content.

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