How Do You Access the London Gazette Archives?

How Do You Access the London Gazette Archives? provides archives of the London Gazette, along with the Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes, with which the London Gazette was combined in 2012. To search the archive, click All Notices and scroll down to the Gazette edition option to select only the London Gazette.

Use the various search options, such as publication date, location and notice type, on to narrow your search to the desired information. However, keep in mind that the website stores earlier versions of the London Gazette, back to its original publication in 1666, as a digital scans, which cannot be narrowed by Notice Type. Click the other categories, such as Awards & Accreditation, Insolvency and Wills and Probate, to see detailed notices on these certain subjects.

Originally created by the crown as an authoritative journal of record, in part because of the slanderous and false content printed in many other publications at the time, the London Gazette is one of the oldest newspapers in the world. The Gazette had access, through the government's foreign embassies and colonial outposts, to accurate information not available to other publications. Additionally, The Gazette posted many official government announcements, such as those from the War Office.

As of 2015, The Gazette is mostly used for legal notices, such as will and probate, deaths and insolvency. After being combined with the Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes, The Gazette serves all of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.