How Do You Access Your Local Healthcare Marketplace Portal?

How Do You Access Your Local Healthcare Marketplace Portal?

When you select your state from the dropdown menu in the Get Coverage section of, the site provides information on your state's health care marketplace portal if it not at For example, Idaho residents use, California has, and for New York it is

To use the portal, create an account and then log in with your user name and password.

In most circumstances, it's only possible to sign up for new health coverage during the annual open enrollment period. Circumstances that could make an individual or family eligible outside of this period include losing health coverage in the past 60 days, getting married, having a baby, moving to a new area and having a change in income. offers a short screening questionnaire to help people see whether they qualify.

Individuals and families with low income or disabilities may be able to qualify immediately for Medicaid or CHIP, the subsidized Children's Health Insurance Program.

Medicare is not part of the healthcare marketplace program. Medicare recipients do not need to renew their healthcare registrations each year; their coverage is continuous. Medicare Part A recipients have hospitalization coverage and meet Affordable Care Act requirements for coverage. People who have only Medicare Part B do not meet minimum coverage requirements and may need a healthcare marketplace plan.