How Do You Access a Linksys Router?

Every Linksys router has a setup page that gives users access and an ability to customize specific settings for the router. Open up any web browser, put in the router's IP address in the address bar and hit Enter on the keyboard. A prompt will appear on the page requesting the input of a username and password. Enter "admin" in the username and password space.

The default IP address for most Linksys routers is "" This IP address can be changed by going into the settings on the router's setup CD or on the web-based setup page. The router should always be turned on and the computer connected successfully to the internet via an ethernet port prior to accessing the web-based setup page.

For added security over settings, the password should be changed from within the setup page after a user has been successfully logged in. To change the default password, navigate to the "Administration" tab located at the top of the page, and enter a customized password into the "Router password" and "Re-enter to confirm" spaces. Click "Save Settings" and the "Continue" button on the next page to finalize changes. Revisit the web-based setup page and enter the new credentials to ensure that the recent changes were saved.