How Do You Access Lenovo Tutorials?

How Do You Access Lenovo Tutorials?

To view Lenovo's tutorials, visit the company's homepage and click on Support at the top of the screen. Once in support, users can watch tutorial videos or check out instruction manuals for Lenovo products.

The Lenovo homepage is broken down into easy sections that help users quickly find what they are looking for. Those looking for Windows tutorial videos will find them in the middle of the homepage, but the support has all the other tutorial options.

  1. Visit Lenovo's website
  2. Click Support at the top of the main website page where there are options such as Products, Deals and Support.

  3. Look for Technical Support
  4. After clicking Support, look for Technical Support. Choose an option such as Laptop, Network Storage Support or Servers, Storage & Networking.

  5. Click Watch Videos
  6. Click on Watch Videos, then enter the product by product name or machine model number. If these are unknown, have the website detect the product by selecting Detect My Product, or select Browse Products to choose the Lenovo product.

  7. Watch a tutorial video
  8. Select a product and a new page will open up. Choose Videos to view tutorials.

Not every Lenovo product has a video tutorial. Users who need more help may reference Lenovo's Virtual Assistant or contact customer support.