How Do You Access the IP Address for a D-Link Router?


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The IP address of a D-Link router is available in the router documentation provided. The internal D-Link router IP address is a gateway that is configured on the router so that it becomes operational with the home network connection.

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The user should find a CD-ROM with the package after purchasing the router. Insert the CD-ROM in the disk drive of the computer and read through the router setup process in detail. It generally contains the router local access IP address. In case there is no CD-ROM, check for the local access IP address information on the pages of the document. Also, check for a printed sticker at the bottom of the router that contains the l IP address details.

If still unable to locate the IP address, the last option is to access it through the computer. On the computer, navigate to the Command prompt, then type "ipconfig" in the prompt, and click on the Enter key. The local IP address of the router gets displayed in the command output screen. Scroll through the information for the default gateway address. It is this address that is the internal router IP address. For most D-link routers, the factory setting value should read

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