How Do You Access the Internet on a Kindle Fire HDX?

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is initially connected to the Internet during setup, on a screen that pops up after powering on the device. After setup is completed, the Internet is accessed by selecting Amazon's Internet browser on the home screen, known as Silk.

An Internet connection must be selected before the Kindle Fire HDX can be registered. Any secured network that is selected will prompt the user with a message requesting the password. An Internet connection is required to access important features such as email or the Shop Amazon app. The device's home screen is accessible once the device has been completely set up and registered.

Silk is Amazon's in-house mobile Web browser designed specifically for Fire tablets and phones. The application opens by tapping the icon at the bottom right of the Favorites section or by scrolling through the carousel and selecting the corresponding icon. Processing is divided between the client and the Amazon cloud in order to create a faster browsing experience. In order to deliver content at fast speeds, Silk utilizes Amazon Web Services that analyzes Web traffic patterns, pre-processes pages, and also applies predictive algorithms. Silk routes all requests through Amazon EC2-powered remote proxy servers.