How Do You Access ICloud Files on Your IPhone?


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To access files on iCloud from an iPhone, users must have iOS 8.0 or higher installed on the phone. Once installed, users can access iCloud files using mobile apps like Keynote, Pages or Numbers. First, users install one of the apps that supports iCloud files, then they launch the app on their phone. The files appear as thumbnails, which give introductory details about what the document contains. Users can click on the file they wish to open.

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To access previously deleted files, users must go to the iCloud app, and under "Settings," click on "Advanced" then "Restore Files." This only works for files deleted within the last 30 days. Older files are automatically deleted.

Not all apps allow users to edit or alter documents on their iPhone; however, Pages, Numbers and Keynote do. Pages gives the most flexibility in document type when it comes to editing, as the app supports Pages, PDF, Word (in .docx format), PDF or ePub. The app even allows users to open documents in Office Mobile. Keynote works the best for presentations like PowerPoint documents, and Numbers is specifically designed for Excel (or Excel-like) documents.

Users can store any type of file less than 15GB on the iCloud drive, provided they have enough storage in the drive. File type is not restricted; however, there are some files a user cannot open from his phone, like InDesign and other graphics files.

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