How Do You Access the Control Panel in Windows 8?

How Do You Access the Control Panel in Windows 8?

There are multiple ways to access the Control Panel on Windows 8, but one simple way is to simply right-click on the lower left-hand corner of the screen to reveal the Quick Access Menu. The Quick Access Menu includes a link to the Control Panel.

  1. Position your cursor

    Using your mouse, move your mouse cursor to the lower left-hand corner of the screen. If you received the Windows 8.1 update, this area is marked by the small four-panel Windows logo. On Windows 8 computers running without the update, this area is unmarked, so move your cursor as far left and down as it can go.

  2. Right click

    Press the right-hand button on your mouse. A menu appears as soon as you do so. This is the Quick Access Menu, where, along with the link to the Control Panel, you can find links to other commonly used tools for managing your computer.

  3. Click on Control Panel

    Move your mouse up into the Quick Access Menu until the item labeled Control Panel is highlighted. Then, press the left-hand button on your mouse. The Control Panel appears after a moment or two, depending on how fast and how busy your computer is at the time you click.