How Do You Access Blocked Websites?

How Do You Access Blocked Websites?

Some websites blocked at computer level, network level or government level can be accessed by using a proxy server, changing the URL or changing the DNS setting on the computer. Not all websites that have been blocked can be accessed using these methods, as some require administrative authority to remove the filter.

There are times that a website may not be accessible due to outages, and other times the website may be protected by a firewall that keeps unauthorized people from accessing the site.

Change the URL

If the URL begins with http, change it to https for an encrypted version of the site. Many times, company computers restrict users from accessing a site that is not secure.

Change DNS settings

The Internet Service Provider may block websites in certain areas. By changing the DNS setting, the site is often accessible. To change the DNS setting, right click the network icon and select Open Network and Sharing, then double click the network and change it to something else.

Use a proxy server

When a website is banned from a specific area, on a home network or a corporate LAN, a proxy server allows access through anonymous browsing. Hola Unblocker and UltraSurf are two programs that offer a proxy server to unblock restricted or forbidden sites.