How Do You Access the BIOS Settings on an EMachine?

Access the BIOS settings on an eMachine using either the Tab, Del or F2 keys depending on your particular computer. Use one of these keys during the boot process, before you see the Windows log-in screen, or else you have to start the process again.

  1. Restart the computer

    Restart the computer from the Start menu in Windows 7 or the Start screen in Windows 8. Wait for the computer to shutdown, reboot and enter the boot screen.

  2. Press the appropriate key

    Press the Tab key during boot-up. If nothing happens, and you see the Windows logo, restart the computer again. Try pressing the Del key during the reboot. Some eMachines also use the F2 key to enter the BIOS. Therefore, try each key if you fail to access the BIOS settings screen on the first or second attempt. If you still cannot access the BIOS, refer to your manual for the correct key or keys to press following the reboot.

  3. Configure the BIOS

    Enter the BIOS, and make any changes to configure your system. Use the arrow keys to select different menus. Pay attention to the instructions on the screen, as you have to press a certain key to trigger an event, such as Enter to confirm a change or Esc to exit the BIOS.