How Do You Find Academic Articles Online?

How Do You Find Academic Articles Online?

To find academic articles online, use an academic search engine or journal database such as Jstor or Questia. Jstor requires a paid membership while Questia has a free trial for resources but offers a full membership upgrade. Searching Questia's journals first is the most economical way to find an academic article.

  1. Navigate to Questia

    Start at the Questia home screen.

  2. Search your topic

    In the search bar, type your topic and click search.

  3. Narrow the articles to academic journals

    In the search results, click on the academic journal tab.

  4. Choose an article

    Choose an article and read the preview or the overview to determine its usefulness. If it is useful, or if several articles are useful, sign up for Questia's one day trial. If you don't need to use it again after the one day trial expires, be sure to cancel it after you have downloaded and saved the academic articles you need.