What Are Some Abbreviations for Texting?


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Some abbreviations for texting include "brb" meaning "be right back," "2day" meaning "today" and "143" meaning "I love you." Some other texting abbreviations include "adn" for "any day now," "afaik" for "as far as I know" and "b4" for "before."

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What Are Some Abbreviations for Texting?
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Texting abbreviations were originally popular amongst teenagers due to their ability to make typing easier and quicker. Other online sites such as Twitter, which limits the number of characters allowed on each post, have made these abbreviations necessary in multiple online formats. Some other abbreviations for texting are "btw" for "by the way," "dm" for "direct message," "bf" for "boyfriend," "gf" for "girlfriend," "bfn" for "bye for now," "imo" for "in my opinion," "idk" for "I don't know," "irl" for "in real life," "j/k" for "just kidding, "jic" for "just in case," "kk" for "okay," "dwbh" for "don't worry, be happy" and "ftl" for "for the loss."

There are also texting abbreviations for specific groups as well such as for the elderly. Texting abbreviations for the elderly might include "fwiw" for "forgot where I was," "btw" for "bring the wheelchair," "dwi" for "driving while incontinent," "lmdo" for "laughing my dentures out," "lol" for "living on Lipitor," "imho" for "is my hearing-aid on?" and "fwb" for "friend with betablockers."

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