What Is 4G LTE Wireless?


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The term "4G LTE wireless" is short form for "Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution." This term is used to refer to network providers that offer high speed data connection for mobile devices. 4G networks came after the Third Generation (3G) networks and offer relatively better connection advantages, notes Verizon Wireless.

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4G LTE wireless networks are largely helpful to people interested in Internet connectivity. The networks allow people to do a number of things, including streaming online videos without buffering issues, faster downloading of files, multitasking on the Internet and uploading or downloading pictures with ease.

Over 308 million people in the United States are connected to the 4G network, according to Verizon Wireless. This number refers to the company's customer base only. However, a larger number is covered by other network providers in the country.

Smartphones, tablets and Internet-enabled cameras are some of the devices that can be used to access the network and benefit from its advantages. Real time streaming and high definition quality videos or pictures are much easier to view on a 4G network when compared to a 3G network. Most companies are optimistic of achieving even greater heights in data speeds with an expected LTE Advanced system implementation.

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