What Are 4 Ways to Change Your Windows 7 Screen Saver Settings?

There are a few primary methods for changing the Windows 7 screen saver settings. Two common options require accessing the Screen Saver menu, while another option requires a download.

There are two ways to access the Screen Saver menu. The first is to right-click on the Desktop and select Personalize. The other option is to go to the Start button, click on Control Panel, then Appearance and Personalization, then Personalization. Both options will produce the Personalization window.

Once there, click on Screen Saver, which will open up a new window. If a user wants to use a preloaded screen saver, click on the drop-down list to select the desired image. Selecting Preview displays the screen saver in advance, before making any changes.

To use photos or videos for her screen saver, click the drop-down list and select Photos. Next, select Settings and the photos that will be used, before selecting Save and OK to preserve the changes. The third option for changing the screen saver involves downloading a screen saver from the Internet and following the directions given.