Is a 3-D Television Necessary to Watch a 3-D Movie With a 3-D Blu-Ray Player?

A 3-dimensional television is required in order to watch a 3-D movie on a 3-D Blu-ray capable player. Otherwise, the 3-D Blu-ray disc will be displayed in 2-D resolution on the television.

True 3-D resolution films are not available on DVD, but only on Blu-ray discs that are designed to be used along with the 3-D Blu-ray player. As stated by the British Video Association, in order to watch 3-D television in high-resolution format, you must have a 3-D television, an infrared emitter (which is normally an integral part of the 3-D TV), 3-D glasses that are passive or active shutter, a 3-D Blu-ray player and a 3-D Blu-ray disc.