How Does the WWE Come up With Their Superstar Names?

Some of the World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, superstars receive their names by pure accident while some are nicknamed by fans, press or managers and others are basically assigned names by the WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was contemplating wrestling under the name Chilly McFreeze, got his name after his wife told him to drink his hot tea before it became "stone cold." Andre the Giant's real first name was Andre, and Giant was an appropriate adjective to complete his wrestling persona, while Boo Boo Brazil embraced Bobo after his name was misspelled by a promoter.

A catchy name is important especially in the world of WWE. Some popular superstar wrestling names are synonymous with the sport. Jim Hellwig, known as Ultimate Warrior, started out as The Dingo Warrior and officially changed his name to Warrior in 1993 . Bobby Cash met with a promoter over dinner to discuss what his ring name would be and ordered the pork chops. He became Pork Chop Cash. Most names relate to the wrestler's ability, looks or signature moves and inspires fear, mystery and strength. Not all names are winners and many WWE champions have wrestled under more than one name. Take Bastion Booger for instance. Most bad, forgettable and unchantable names are either changed or the wrestler does not last long.