What Are WTF-Style Taekwondo Forms?


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World Taekwondo Federation forms are a set of defined attack and defense movements. Mastery of these moves must be demonstrated in order to achieve specific rank or status certified by the Federation. WTF forms are based on the Kukkiwon-style of Taekwondo, which is the style used in Olympic competitions.

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The WTF issues belt colors and ranking based upon the student's ability to complete the forms as judged by an authorized representative of the federation. The levels range the beginner's 1st Geup to the 8th Geup, with nine additional levels that are a part of the 8th Geup. Belt colors are commonly assigned to the first eight levels in a range of white belt to black belt with subsequent levels being a distinction of black belt status.

The WTF-style of forms is one of the most commonly taught styles; however, numerous other form styles have significant followings, including those of the International Taekwondo Federation, the International TaeKwondo Association and the American Taekwondo Association.

Kwans are the schools that teach Taekwondo forms. After the Japanese occupation of World War II, several new kwans were founded that taught a mixed-martial-arts-style blending traditional Taekwondo with Japanese martial arts. Some of those form styles include Moo Duk Kwan, Chung Do Kwan and Tang Soo Do.

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