What Are Some Wrestling Theme Songs?


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"This is Extreme!" "I'm Perfect," "Metalingus," "Next Big Thing," "Medal," "The Game," "Break Down the Walls" and "My Time is Now" are some of the theme songs that have been used in wrestling. The list includes many more songs, such as "Walk," "I Walk Alone," No Chance in Hell," "Stranglehold" and "I Won't Do What You Tell Me."

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"This is Extreme!" is a song by Harry Slash & The Slashtones that was used as the main theme song for the ECW.

"I'm Perfect" is a song by Jim Johnston, and it was used by the wrestler Mr. Perfect as an entrance song.

"Metalingus" is a song by Alter Bridge. The reworked version of the track from the group’s 2004 "One Day Remains" album is the only song that the wrestler Edge used from the day he debuted to the end of his career after a neck injury in 2011.

"The Game" is a song by the famous band Motorhead that is used as a theme song for one of the most iconic fighters in WWE, Triple H.

"My Time is Now" was created by the wrestler that also used it as an entrance theme song, John Cena.

"I Walk Alone" by Saliva is considered as one of the best modern entrances, complementing the intensity of the wrestler Batista.

"I Won't Do What You Tell Me" is a song by Jim Johnston. It was used as a theme song by one of the most famous wrestlers in WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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