Is a Wrestling Singlet a Swimsuit or Underwear?


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A wrestling singlet is not a swimsuit or an underwear but a one-piece uniform worn by competitors in amateur wrestling, which can be compared to an oversize jockstrap that has suspenders. A wrestling singlet is also known as just a singlet, and it is tight fitting and made of different materials, such as spandex or nylon.

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Singlets are usually colored, and in college or high school wrestling matches, they represent the different team colors. In competitions outside of college and high school, wrestlers carry both a blue and red singlet with them and are designated one of these colors before the match. Singlets also come in various styles and have three different cuts, which are low cut, high cut and Fila cut. Most wrestlers wear no underwear underneath their wrestling singlets, but can also wear compression shorts, regular briefs or a jockstrap.

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