How Do You Wrap Your Hands for Boxing?


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Wrapping hands for boxing requires a pair of semi-elastic handwraps, which should ideally be around 180 inches, although those with smaller hands may be able to use smaller wraps. To start, take one end of the wrap and tie a loop in it, then place this loop over the thumb.

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How Do You Wrap Your Hands for Boxing?
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When wrapping, start from the thumb and take the wrap over the back of the hand and around the wrist three times. It's important to start at the back, as this allows the wraps to tighten when the hand is formed into a fist.

After three wraps around the wrist, move up and do three wraps around the hand, keeping the wrap above the thumb. After the last time around the hand, take the wrap below the thumb and then through the space in between the pinky and ring fingers, before wrapping back around the hand so that the two passes make an X on the back of the hand. Repeat this same process for the rest of the fingers, so that at the end there are three total X wraps; one between each of the fingers.

Once the fingers are separated, wrap around the thumb once and then again around the back of the hand. Next, do one more wrap around the thumb, then change the direction of the wrapping and do three additional wraps around the knuckles. If there is extra material left, it can be used around the wrist, in between the fingers or on the knuckles as needed, before finishing by securing the wrap at the wrist.

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