Is It Wise to Buy Used Car Parts at Online Auctions?


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With some caution and research, it is possible to safely buy car parts through online auctions. However, some car parts for sale are not safe to reuse.

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Used car parts that are not safe to purchase include airbags, brake discs or rotors, catalytic converters, engine bearings and ignition coils. In addition, fuses, gaskets, mufflers, spark plugs and thermostats should not be purchased used, as well as water pumps and wheel cylinders. Purchasing these parts is especially dangerous if they require removing parts from damaged vehicles or vehicles that have been in accidents.

When buying used automotive parts online through auction sites or other channels, it is important to purchase parts from trusted sellers with extensive knowledge of the items they are selling. This prevents issues from arising due to a seller mislabeling a part or selling a part that doesn't fit the advertised vehicle.

Buyers should ask to see photographs of a car part before purchasing it. They should also ask questions about the part to the seller. Knowing the specific origin of the part, the length of time it was in use and any potential problems with the part helps buyers avoid wasting money or making their vehicles unsafe by installing bad parts.

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