What Are Some Winter Activities for Seniors?


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Indoor hobbies, games, sightseeing and outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and skating are winter activity options for seniors. The specific activities chosen depend on the individual senior's interests and physical condition.

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Areas that receive snow or ice present a health risk to seniors due to the potential for slipping. Fractures due to falls are a common reason for seniors to visit the emergency room or be admitted to the hospital. Seniors who head outdoors for winter activities should use caution and chose physical activities that match their abilities and health. An older adult with balance problems and osteoporosis puts herself at risk for injury by going ice skating or downhill skiing, for instance. Staying active during winter can also take place indoors. Walking at an indoor mall is one option. Other seniors prefer to head to the gym or community center for various exercise classes and options.

For seniors who prefer to stay indoors during the cold months, winter is an ideal time to focus on hobbies. Examples include woodworking, art projects, scrapbooking, music or drama. Staying inside at home can feel isolating, so joining a group of other seniors who enjoy the same hobbies is a way to connect with others. Winter gives seniors a chance to explore some local sights, such as museums. Many local attractions aren't as busy in the winter, especially during the week when many people are at work or school.

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