Is the Winchester 94 Rifle the Best Model to Buy?


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The Winchester Model 94 is a good choice of rifle to purchase for big game hunting with large caliber ammunition at short or medium range. For shooting over greater distances, a bolt action rifle with longer barrel would be more appropriate.

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The Winchester Model 94 was designed in 1893 for use with the new 30-30 smokeless cartridge. Its light weight, fast target acquisition, smooth cycling of spent cartridges and suitability to large caliber ammunition made it an indispensable tool for settlers in the west. It has often been referred to as "The Gun That Won the West."

The same characteristics that made the Model 94 popular as a defensive weapon in the 19th century make it an ideal rifle for hunting big game in the 21st century. The rifle's light weight makes it easy to carry and quick to point when a moving target is selected, while a smooth action provides a fast second shot if required. The large calibers available with the Model 94 are often necessary to shoot through dense foliage in tight, brushy regions favored by big game. Only when engaging sedentary targets at long distances, for example in a desert or across a canyon, would a shooter find a different style of rifle more suitable.

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