What Are Some Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips?


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Whitetail deer hunting tips include scouting the area before the hunting season, masking scent and using the correct tools to attract deer. Whether using a tree stand or another form of cover, the hunter should cautiously enter cover so the approach doesn't alert any deer.

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Scouting an area before hunting season allows the hunter to determine what activities and patterns the deer follow during the season. While scouting, the hunter should consider where and when the deer eat, drink and mate. By obtaining this information, the hunter is able to find a good hunting location.

Deer have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, which allows them to smell humans a mile away and detect the scent humans leave on plants in the area. The hunter should shower with a non-scented soap before hunting, dry off with a non-scented towel and keep all hunting clothes in a sealed plastic bag until arriving at the hunting site. He should also use scent block on himself and his clothes, especially on his hair. While hunting, he should keep track of the wind, as he's unlikely to see any deer downwind of his position.

Doe estrous and buck scent are both useful tools for deer hunting, when used at the right times. Buck scent attracts bucks during the early season, when they are territorial. Doe estrous attracts bucks during mating season.

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