Who Were the WWE Wrestlers Suspended for Steroids?

The WWE did not disclose the names of the WWE wrestlers suspended for steroids, but according to ESPN, a close source listed Shoichi Funaki, Adam "Edge" Copeland, Shane Helms, Dave Bautista, John "Johnny Nitro" Hennigan, Eddie Guerrero, Chris "Masters" Mordetsky, Chris Benoit and Brian "Crush" Adams. Chris Benoit had previously killed his family and then hung himself, and Eddie Guerrero and Brian Adams were also among the deceased on the list to be investigated.

The suspensions resulted from a violation of the WWE's wellness policy, which clearly states that steroidal use or the use of any drugs for enhancement or pleasure not be taken. The wrestlers are tested at least four times a year. If any wrestler is found to have an illegal substance in their system, they are suspended for 30 days for the first offense, 60 days for the second offense and fired on the third offense.

The WWE began the wellness policy in November 2005 after the death of Guerrero who was only 38 at the time. He was found dead in his Minneapolis hotel room. Adams was found dead at age 44 in his home just months later, and then Benoit hung himself after killing his wife and son. Benoit tested with 10 times more testosterone than normal and with Xanax and hydrocodone in his system as well.