What Were Some of the Most Memorable Not Top 10 Plays on SportsCenter in 2014?


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Some of the most memorable "not top 10" plays on SportsCenter in 2014 were two University of Florida players blocking each other and Lance Stephenson blowing in the ear of Lebron James during the playoffs. Also, Eloy Teruel prematurely celebrating a first stage victory in the Tour of California.

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Perhaps the most memorable "not top 10" play on SportsCenter during 2014 occurred when two University of Florida football players blocked each other during a game against Georgia Southern. During the first play of the second half, Florida senior center Jonotthan Harrison got tangled up with Florida junior wide receiver Quinton Dunbar. The two players continued to block each other throughout the entire play, noticeably unaware that they were blocking their own teammate. Florida would lose the game, the team's seventh loss in a row, while the play remained on SportsCenter's "not top 10 worst of the worst" for more than seven weeks.

NBA forward Lance Stephenson has a reputation as an instigator around the league. He is also known as a lock-down defender; however, his most well-known moment, arguably, occurred during game 5 of the eastern conference finals when he "blew" into the ear of Heat forward Lebron James.

One of the more embarrassing "not top 10" plays was made by Spanish cyclist, Eloy Teruel. As he approached what he thought to be the finish line to the first stage of the Tour of California, Teruel is seen raising his celebratory hands in the air only to realize that there is another lap left; Teruel finished the stage in 56th place.

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