What Were Some Memorable Super Bowl XLV Commercials?


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The two most popular commercials on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter in 2011 were Bud Light's dogsitting ad and Doritos' pug ad. Another memorable commercial is Volkswagen's "The Force" ad.

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Bud Light's advertisement involved a man taking care of intelligent dogs in a home full of Bud Light beer. This leads to the dogsitter employing the dogs as bartenders, cooks and waiters in a catered party. The commercial ends with the dogsitter cleaning up after the dogs as they play poker, a reference to C.M. Coolidge's paintings.

The Doritos' commercial shows a man tempting a pug to run through a glass door using a bag of Doritos. The pug proceeds to actually knock the door over, crushing the man in the process. The pug gleefully eats the chips at the end of the commercial.

Volkswagen's ad showed a young child dressed up as Darth Vader, a popular villainous character from the movie "Star Wars," and his unsuccessful attempts to use the Force to manipulate his pet, his toys and his appliances. The second half of the commercial shows the child attempting to use his Force on his father's Volkswagen. The child is surprised when the car turns on, although the end of the commercial demonstrates that the father was remotely responsible. This commercial is notable for having partly aired on YouTube prior to the Super Bowl.

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