Who Were the Last Five Heisman Trophy Winners?

The last five Heisman Trophy winners, as of December 2014, were Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton. All five of these players were quarterbacks.

The Heisman Trophy is awarded annually to the outstanding college football player who showed the most merit and integrity on the field for the season. The winner is chosen by sports journalists and previous winners of the trophy. As of 2014, there are 870 journalists and 58 previous winners across the country who have a vote for the award. There is also one fan vote allowed every year since 1999. This brings the total votes for 2014 to 929. Each voter chooses three players for the award. Their first choice receives three points, their second choice receives two, and their third choice receives one. The votes are then tallied, and the player with the most points wins the award.

The trophy was first awarded in 1935 to Jay Berwanger from Chicago. Archie Griffin from Ohio State is the only two-time recipient of the award. A total of 38 schools have had players with Heisman Trophy winners, and 17 schools have had more than one winner. Since 1968, the Heisman Memorial Trophy Trust has awarded a trophy to the school of the winning player.