What Are Some Well-Known College Cheerleading Squads?


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Award-winning squads such as the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Central Florida Knights are some of the best known squads in the United States. Other UCA award winning schools include: University of Louisville, University of South Carolina, University of Tennessee, Oklahoma State University, University of Mississippi and Louisiana State University. All of these squads consistently place highly in the UCA cheerleading championships.

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What Are Some Well-Known College Cheerleading Squads?
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Other notable squads in college football include the Indiana Hoosiers squad who won three consecutive UCA national titles, the USC Trojans who are more of a dance squad than a cheer squad, and the LSU Tigers squad who ride into every game aboard a fully grown tiger's cage.

Many schools offer scholarships for cheerleaders as well. Indiana Wesleyan University, University of Delaware, Fort Hays State University and University of Hawaii all offer scholarships for talented cheerleaders who also keep up with their academic expectations.

Football cheerleaders are allowed the most creative freedom due to the size of the field, and as a result, many of these squads are more prestigious than their basketball counterparts. Possibly due to their proximity to the crowd, basketball cheerleaders are often typecast for their looks rather than their ability to lead cheers.

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