What Are Some Well-Known Bicycle Brands?


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Well-known bicycle brands include Trek, GT and Schwinn. All three sell several types of bicycles, although Trek is known for its mountain bikes, and GT is known for both BMX and mountain bikes.

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Trek began in 1976 and achieved considerable success in 1990 with its MultiTracks line of hybrid bicycles. These hybrids combined the comfort associated with mountain bikes and the speed of road bikes. It released its Y Bike in 1995, which won a design and engineering award from Popular Mechanics. In 1997, Lance Armstrong signed with the racing team Trek sponsored, and he rode Trek bicycles during his racing career.

Gary Turner started GT in 1972, and the company became famous for its Triple Triangle design. This design, which is unique among bicycles, reduces rear wheel vibrations, which helps riders perform better tricks. In the mid 1990s, GT developed full-suspension mountain bikes and superbikes for the U.S. Olympic team.

Ignaz Schwinn, a German engineer, started Schwinn in the United States in 1895. The brand gained significant popularity in the 1950s, when it insisted that stores keep its name on its bicycles instead of rebranding them. It also focused on the youth market in the 1960s, particularly by advertising to children through the show "Captain Kangaroo." However, a series of failures led to Schwinn declaring bankruptcy in 1992. Nautilus currently owns the brand name, which now produces discount bikes and higher end models.

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