What Was the Weight of Babe Ruth's Bat?

According to Louisville Slugger, Babe Ruth used bats ranging from 40 to 54 ounces in weight for much of his career. During his last few years of play, however, Ruth stepped to the plate with lighter bats of 37 and 38 ounces.

Ruth began his hitting career swinging a 54-ounce, 36-inch hickory bat. Realizing he would benefit from a shorter stick, he soon made the move to a 35-inch bat (and even slightly shorter at times), gradually cutting down on bat weight, as well. Professional Bat Ordering Records (PBOR) for the 1920 season indicate the slugger ordered bats ranging from 40 to 47 ounces. During his record-setting 60 home run season in 1927, Ruth swung a 40-ounce bat.