What Are the "Week 13" NFL Picks?


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The Week 13 picks of the 2014 NFL season included the Ravens over the Chargers, the Steelers over the Saints, the Broncos over the Chiefs and the 49ers over the Seahawks. Picks for a given week are done by top sports media outlets such as NFL.com and CBS Sports.

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The picks by CBS Sports during Week 13 differed from the NFL site in only two games. NFL picked the Vikings over the Panthers, while CBS picked the Panthers to win. The actual result was the Vikings over the Panthers by a score of 31-13. The NFL site picked the Cardinals to top the Falcons, while CBS picked the opposite result. The winner was the Falcons, 29-18 over the Cardinals.

Both sites were fairly accurate in their picks, losing only five games where the picks were unanimous. The Chargers beat the Ravens in a close game, 34-33. The Giants also lost to the Jaguars in a similarly close contest 25-24. Another unanimous pick was Steelers over Saints, but the Saints won 35-32. The Seahawks beat the 49ers in spite of the picks against them, and it was not close at 19-3. Similarly, the Eagles beat the Cowboys in a blowout of 33-10.

Week 13 was the Thanksgiving weekend and featured three Thursday games, one Monday game and 12 Sunday games.

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