What Websites Can Help You Find Open Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin?

What Websites Can Help You Find Open Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin?

Websites that list open snowmobile trails in Wisconsin include TravelWisconsin.com, SnowTracks.com, AWSC.org and WisconsinOutdoor.com. Each of these websites provides snowmobilers with information on trail conditions and closings throughout the state.

The Travel Wisconsin Snow Report website features a map of Wisconsin split into counties. By clicking on a specific county, the user can determine whether the snowmobile trails are open and can search for skiing and snowboarding information within that county. Site visitors can also locate local opportunities for lodging and dining around the snowmobile trails. This website offers an email subscription service that provides snow condition reports.

SnowTracks.com collects information about each state with snowmobile trails. After choosing Wisconsin as the desired area for snowmobile trail use, users can choose a county of interest and review the local rules and regulations for snowmobiling in the designated area. This site also provides information about conditions in eight other states.

The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs website offers users the opportunity to purchase a Wisconsin Trail Pass and provides up-to-date information on local legislation regarding snowmobiles. There is also a link to current trail conditions.

The Wisconsin Snowmobile Trail Report lists each county and provides links to the current trail conditions.