What Do You Wear for Kayaking?


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What a person wears for kayaking depends largely on the weather, but a wetsuit or swim suit with a life jacket is recommended. In colder or wetter weather, a person wants to wear protective gear to help keep himself warm and dry.

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Kayaking during summer one can simply wear a swimsuit and life jacket. If the weather is cold or rainy, tight synthetic underwear should be put on before any other layers of clothing to keep the kayaker dry. A synthetic and tight-fitting suit or shirt can be worn on cooler days, with rubber boots. Avoid cotton, as it offers no insulation and dries very slowly.

In rainy weather, a poncho or rain jacket and protective hat is a good idea to keep out extra moisture. Even during warm weather rain, a kayaker should wear extra gear to fend off wetness. Other recommendations for kayaking include sunglasses for bright days, water socks for all types of weather, sunscreen even in overcast weather, a towel and a dry change of clothes. Fleece and wool jackets and hats can be worn in colder weather, in addition to synthetic clothing. If purchasing a kayak rental, a wetsuit and life jacket are typically mandatory.

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