What Weapons Are Sold at Kult of Athena?


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Kult of Athena sells swords, daggers, maces, flails and axes. The company also sells spears, slingshots, crossbows and other archery equipment. This includes lead bullets for slings, composite bows, plumbata darts, arrow heads and arrows.

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Kult of Athena sells limited-edition reproductions and heirloom-quality weapons from a variety of manufacturers. The weapons represent a number of time periods and cultures such as Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Japanese. The company also sells Native American, pirate, Roman, Scottish and Viking weapons. There are also weapons representative of those used in the American Civil War and the Crusades.

All of the merchandise is brand new, although some is slightly damaged. These items are specifically marked and sold at deeper discounts. The majority of Kult of Athena's merchandise is battle ready. This means that the products are functional weapons that are built to be stronger than display weapons.

Kult of Athena is in Elgin, Illinois, approximately 40 miles from Chicago. The company does not have a retail store as of 2014, but customers can pick up their orders. Kult of Athena offers prices well below that of other dealers because they base their prices on what they believe the items should sell for, not on the amount that they can receive for the merchandise.

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